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Sic Bo History

Tai Sai or Dai Siu is immensely popular in Asia, of course, but has a growing following in the US and Europe.

The history of Sic Bo begins in China: it is belived that the original Sic Bo was played by Chinese brickies with their bricks, tumbled between two plates and an bowl, which was eventually transformed to the dice game we know and love today.

It´s amazing to think that Sic Bo was only introduced into casinos in the US in 2002. Sic Bo was originally played by martial arts fighters in their rest periods. They had no dice, so used things like small stones, bones and shells to play with. They would engrave numbers or dots on their pieces and use them to place bets on.

Sic Bo’ at one time meant ‘2 bricks’; because of the shape of the dice. Later Sic Bo became known as ‘lucky pair’ as only two dice were used originally. The game evolved into 3 dice as it became more complex.

Sic Bo is a game of pure chance where you try to predict the outcome of a 3 dice.
Traditionally, Sic Bo was played wth  stones or bones that were shaken on a small plateand covered with a rice bowl. After a few moments, the bowl was lifted to reveal the result of the roll. You can still see these origins today when playing modern sic bo. It has a long and illustrious heritage.

These days in Macau and Vegas the dice are shaken mechanically, and the result is punched into the Sic Bo computer which then lights up the winning zones on the player’s table.

Sic Bo first arrived in the US in the early 20th century with the mass migration of Chinese people searching for work. It was officially introduced into American casinos in 2002 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Sic Bo is a legal casino game in the UK in licensed casinos (Gaming Clubs (Bankers' Games) (Amendment) Regulations 2002).

Sic Bo is also known as Tai Sai, Dai Sui, "Lucky Dice" and "Hi Lo". The Macanese generally call it Dai Sui (Big Small) after one of the most popular Sic Bo bets. The closest western equivalent would be an English game called "Grand Hazard."

Sic Bo spread out of The Middle kingdom (China) into Southeast Asia, Korea, and then to the US and Europe.

It is now one of the most popular casino games in the world- particularly sice Macau has overtaken Las Vegas as the world´s gambling capital.



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