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Sic Bo Variants

Another dice gambling game is Grand Hazard which is an English origin, (also played with three dice). 
Not to be confused with Hazard, another Old English gambling game played with two dice.

There's also the American game Chuck-a-luck, or birdcage. 3 dice are kept in a cage that pivots about its centre. The dealer turns the cage end over end, and  the dice land on the base. You used to be able to play Chuck-a-luck in Vegas, but it has now pretty much been replaced by Sic Bo, driven by demand from Chinese gamblers.

Sic Bo is very popular in Macau, of course. The high rollers play baccarat, and the masses play Sic Bo, as far as we could tell. It's also a very popular game in Atlantic City. The payout is the same within each territory, but it varies between Atlantic City and Macau.

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