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Sic Bo Strategy
When you play Sic Bo (and any casino game for that matter), always pay close attention to the house edge- the advantage that the casino has over the player. House edge on the Sic Bo table can range from 2.78% to over 30%.

Best Sic Bo Strategy
Weight your activity to the bets with the lowest house edge.They might not have the biggest pay outs on the table, but you will keep more of your money in your pocket over a longer period of time so that you can (hopefully) hit a winning streak.
The best options are either Big or Small, (house edge of 2.78%) which is roughly the same as European Roulette (and around half American Roulette). Odd / Even bets also have a 2.78% edge.

High Risk Strategy
This is more of the "take a punt strategy" where you aim to play a small amount games. Go for the bets with the biggest pay offs in the hope of hitting a home run, so for example on the specific triple bets. Bear in mind that this is more of a "lottery" approach. it is not sustainable over the longer term.

The Gambler's Fallacy
A common error that many players make is looking for patterns. So if you have had lots of Big for the last 3 or 4 rolls you switch and bet on Small. Remember, the dice have no memory. Each throw is a mutually exclusive event and is in no way affected by previous events.

Every roll is independent- reading play otherwise is the "Gambler's Fallacy".

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